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What to Do When Your Spouse Is Stressed Out and Too Busy to See It

Dean Benson
4 min readJun 14, 2024

Hey friends, family, fiends and all you funky folks! It’s Dean, your go-to guy for most things rock & roll, and a dash of life-style wisdom. Today, I’m taking a left turn and looking into something that’s just as important — what to do when your spouse is stressed out and too busy to even notice it.

Now look, we’ve all been there. Our lives get busy, work piles up, the kids need chauffeuring to a million and four different activities, and before you know it, you and your better half are running on empty, and they don’t even see it. It’s like watching your favorite classic car engine overheating and knowing if you don’t step in, it’s going to blow a head gasket. So, let’s get a handle on it, and get some tips to help your spouse (and you) chill out before they burn out. Remember the old adage, “Happy spouse, happy house”. (It’s true)

1. Recognize the Signs

First thing you need to recognize are the signs of stress. Sometimes, your spouse might not even realize how stressed they are. Look out for things like:

  • Irritability: Are they snapping at you or the kids more than usual or for no real reason?
  • Fatigue: Do they look like an unmade bed, or that they have had no sleep at all, even when they have?



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